A Guide for the UK Traveler

You thought that lolling about, shopping, eating would be fun, and you would have the time of your life.

Now, all that rest and relaxation has gotten boring and all you want to do is gun an engine and zoom down a wide open space without any disturbances.

Tips for United Kingdom Drivers:


Since the Australians drive on the same side as the Britons (the sensible side) you don’t need to worry about driving on the wrong side of the road. The car hire in Australia will probably breathe a sigh of relief when they hear that you are a British citizen, as driving in Australia.

You will need your passport for car hire in Australia; you also need to have a valid driver’s license in order for you to actually go somewhere. International driver’s licenses are easily attained from your local motoring body or organization.


Although roundabouts are a bit confusing, you will find that they are incredibly handy for making continually needed U-turns. People have been trapped in the roundabout for hours on end while they try to figure out what exit to take, so best to carry a map or ask the car hire in Australia for help if required. Or even better ask you can Hire Company about getting a GPS system in your hire car.

Although roundabouts are common in town. If there is more than one lane keep the car you hire in Australia to the left if turned left or going straight through, use the right lane if turning right.

On dirt roads or single track roads in the outback drive in the center of the road but slow down and pull to the left if there is on-coming or overtaking traffic.

Always take A LOT of water with you when you are driving in Australia, getting stuck without water in the Australian outback is a lethal situation.

Speed limits vary but are typically 50km in town or 110km on the freeway. The speed camera operators find it very easy to meet their quota by setting up shop near schools.

Remember that not all cars are automatics in Australia, though they are becoming more common, so it might be an idea to keep this in mind when looking for car hire in Australia.

Central Melbourne has the notorious hook rule on a few central city intersections. We hope that some of these tips will make your experience driving around Australia more pleasant and memorable. Just remember that it is a truly massive country and car hire in Australia is really the only way to get the freedom that you will need to see all of the sights that appeal to you.