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Barbados Travel Tips Must-See Attractions

It is difficult to know which of the Barbados attractions to look at first, as there are just so many. Fantastic crystal blue seas and warm sandy beaches are just a few of the reasons that make Barbados visited by thousands of people each year. People not only travel for the climate and scenery though as there are many things you can do when you get there.

Unfortunately, due to the expensive cost and family commitments, many people are lucky if they get one holiday a year. So when the times come people make sure they really make the best of it and enjoy as many activities as they can in the short space of time they are there. Know what is available in the resort you are planning to visit before you get there. If the Caribbean tickles your fancy as it does for thousands of people each year, then why not visit Barbados. They are so many things to do in Barbados that you will probably run out of time before you manage to fit them all in.


Barbados has some of the highest quality golf resorts and courses you’ll find anywhere in the world. The main golf course was designed by a world-renowned designer and it makes it one of the hardest but most enjoyable courses you will find. Prices are very reasonable and you can hire all the equipment you need when you get there, so it makes for a great day out playing your favorite sport and of course get a suntan at the same time!

The Botanical Gardens

The Andromeda botanical gardens are well worth a visit when you travel to Barbados. They have some of most beautiful and glorious flowers and plants that you’ll ever see. There are also some great water features that will give you some ideas. But on a smaller scale of course!

The Caves

Many people also choose to visit caves that can be found on the coast of Barbados, the most popular been Harrison’s caves. These underground caves make for a great day out, go with one of the organized trips and don’t just go yourself, as you may easily get lost and no-one will know where to look for you. The list of Barbados attractions really goes on and on, so you should always try to see as many as you can when you visit and not just spend all of your time on the beach!

Swimming Tips

If you are a more laid back person, then you will probably spend most of your time on the beach or by the pool. Well, you’ll think you’re in heaven when you see the beaches in Barbados, they are really some of the best in the world. The sea is a lot rougher than say the west side, so it is not recommended you swim on the north coast because of the strong currents.

Sporting Activities

If it’s a sport you’re after then you’ll not be disappointed either. It’s a public course too, so you can just turn up. It was designed by a professional and it will be a game to remember for the fantastic scenery and quality of the greens. There are also many watersports you can participate in from snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing, and scuba diving. Tours around the caves on the island which the more adventurous will enjoy.